Our Ability

The ability of magical cognition, the seeing of auras, the power to ordain happiness and erase misery, the ability to obtain spontaneous remission of illness and the acheivement of immortality are possessed by all earthlings and may be developed to as high a degree as they desire!

Linda Goodman

Spiritual Journey


The Suns Golden Promise

The suns power is beautiful, life giving, it cleans and purifies, it's free; and is environmentally friendly. Many of us are unsure how to reduce our individual environmental footprint. We can buy hybrid cars, recycle, and reuse; purchase organically grown and produced foods and household products. One of the best and easiest ways that allows for participation no matter what your circumstance is solar energy, whether you install solar panels or simply utilize it in its simplest form as a source of radiant heat and light.
The sun has shed her golden light on the earth since before the mountains were formed and the oceans released the lands. Each morning the suns golden promise rises in the east and the glory of the setting sun paints the horizon in a kaleidoscope of colors. It is a white orb of heat sitting high in the noon day sky; it is sun dogs and rainbows that we never tire of looking at. Humans have flocked to beaches to enjoy the beauty of the summer sun and feel its restorative power for millennium. As a Goddess named Sekhmet she was worshipped and through her the tiny kernel of wheat becomes a river of golden grass. She warms old bones and sparks the minds of man.