Common Ground

Common Goals

Few can deny that all life on this planet, this solar system and beyond has evolved or came into being from a common set of circumstances. We do not really know, cannot say with certainty how it all started.  We do know - that we all  attempt to express the symmetry and intelligence that guides the Laws of Life through various creative endeavors; science, spirituality, religion, art, music, community, cooking, story telling and  etc.. Therefore we share common goals. 

Common ancestors 

Looking through the eyes of evolutionary molecular biology, geology, paleontology, anthropology; it would appear that life has been here for a very long time. Science believes the earth has been evolving for over 3 billion years and that she has seen many diverse times, creatures and ideas of life. Darwin it is said believed; That all of humanity belonged to one family tree and there existed in the past animals who are common ancestors of all humans now living.

In the late Miocene period one of our ancestors crawled out of the primordial muck and drew in a breath. Early hominins first appear in the fossil record approximately 4 million years ago and eventually evolved into genus Homo sapiens.  

Some of our ancestors include other hominid species such as Neanderthal, who co-existed with anatomically modern humans in a period some 500,000 to 350,000 years ago. 
Creation theory believes that God created the universe, the earth and all the creatures in it, in seven days. This theory believes that creatures and man started out as distinct and separate organisms when God created them - about 65,000 years ago. Genesis says Man came from the dust of the ground and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; man became a living soul.
Creationists believe that man was much like today; fully capable and prepared to create tools and settle the land, quickly becoming civilization builders. For example Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden and built a farm and had a large family. Their son Cain a first generation human was exiled for murder and he travels to the Land of Nod where he marries (?) and begets Enoch who begets ….. us.

 Common language  


DNA; the language of code and symbols, and its telling is  dependent on its sequences. These are the creative building blocks of all life; DNA interlocks and unites, creates and adapts into new life forms. DNA is the link thru which we direct physical particles and create ourselves. Are evolution and creation so far apart?
Chemistry calls life by its smallest elements;  Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen or HCNO

The ancient Hebrew language translates the elemental letters HCNO into YHVH, the Hebrew name for God.

The element composition of the DNA strand is Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen or HCNO and the DNA's corresponding code letters of Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, Thymine or CGAT

So our common language looks like this: 
HCNO, elements = YHVH, God = CGAT, DNA

The elements are God are DNA - a mix of science and Creationist theory. Gregg Braden calls this the God Code 

 Common threads

We can see that we all seek for truth but through different avenues. There are many more common threads that are weaving this tapestry of our human journey. I want to look at two of them.

Our cultural story began about 12,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent, it is called the Agricultural Revolution and we are currently living out the end of this particular human experiment. Daniel Quinn is the author of Ishmael and other important books. He tells our story from the perspective of the ongoing struggle between the Takers and the Leavers.

The Takers are defined by some very specific criteria: they lock up food and exterminate competitors; both animal and human. Takers systematically destroy their competitor’s food and finally they deny their competitors access to food.

Takers have appropriated all life on the planet and all resources therein as belonging to a single species (human) to use and misuse.

Leavers should be self-explanatory – they leave the planet as they found it – they never take more than they need – they are only about .5% of the remaining population left on earth. I think it is important to understand and remember - that at some time in our past all the peoples on the planet lived as Leavers or what we call traditional, indigenous lifestyles. 

All our ancestors were assimilated into the Taker culture or civilization thru colonization, appropriation of resources, slavery, war etc.. Those that did not and do not join the dominant culture voluntarily are treated as the animal competitors and either destroyed or relocated.

But I want to go back even further than Quinn to a time when we lived both as part of the earth and part of the heavens. When we understood ourselves and the animal Kingdoms as nations.

A time when we walked with the animals, a time when we obeyed the Laws of Life. This is what all the stories tell us - and most religions and spiritual schools of thought have a creation, an Eden or a utopia.The bible says: There were giants in the earth in those days and according the Essene Gospel of Peace; we lived in splendor and glory, with health and vigor of body and had long and enduring lives.

How long ago this was we can only guess; it may be from before the time of the last cataclysm that returned us to the caves and sunk Atlantis.

Common error

Most religions of the world whether earth based or iconic have a story of the fall of man. Some act done by a feminine and this fall led to us to being ... the way we are.

In one is Eve eating a fruit containing the seed of knowing good and evil; blessing and calamity. Another lifted a lid and out flew all the world’s troubles; vices, sins, diseases and woes. These beliefs led man to atone in flesh on this plane, in hopes of achieving a place in heaven or paradise in the next. A pretty set of bars. 

What is the actual fruit - what is the actual act - we should seek this answer in order to stop doing it. If all life is related and all Life are our ancestors then there is perhaps an obvious conclusion one could draw. I have made some conclusions based on life long research that suggest strongly to me ...

There was a day over 3 million years ago a when a human or band of humans, for whatever reason ate the flesh of an animal. It may have been after a wildfire, a hungry group came upon a burned creature – we will never know. But could this be the pivotal act - the seed a virus? That changed us into who we are today. Could this be the taint that stains the species called Man?

 Consider these words of Jesus:

 And it shall come to pass, in that day that I will make again and renew a covenant with the beasts of the earth, and the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and with all created things. For all shall know me, and I will break the bow and the arrow of the hunter, and the sword of the slaughterer, and all the instruments of bloodshed will I banish from the earth. And I will surely make all of them, my creatures, to lie down in safety and in peace, and to live without fear or outcry; for neither shall they hunger nor thirst anymore, but be fed and cherished. For even as the sun does rise and set each new day, so shall it be in the land blessed by God, wherein all dwell securely. 

Common future

Perhaps if we understand that it is not human nature to be the way we are, then we can look back to see the map laid out for us. Then  we will find the key to our future. This was the Jesus mission, he was a teacher of righteousness who strove to bring the Sons of Man back to the time before. 

Let all who have ears, hear, and all that have eyes, behold, for the day draws near when such things shall surely come to pass....

 Genesis 6:4, King James Bible

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