Thawght Plots: My Name Is Henny

Chapter One

My name is Henny and I am looking across a sea of grey and white. I see no other color, only the cold white grit of snow that stings like desert. I have never seen a desert. Now I see only white swirling and twisting on waves of wind against the flat grey world. Drifts begin to billow and twist out shapes in the dusky shadows. I see Buffalo; he looks at me with lazy eyes; then swirls away onto the last of the setting sun. I turn back toward our shelter when falling snow begins to drop, fat clumps of white. I look up and new formed flakes fall onto my face making me smile. I walk toward our tent and as the wind picks up I realize I have never seen a forest either. I pull back the flap and poke my head inside.

I enter, ducking low, pulling the flap tight against the wind.  I look at our dogs on one side of the fire and my mate, John on the other sitting on our fur lined bed. I ask if he checked the dogs paws. He says yes and the rough ice had caused their foot pads to crack. He greased them and wrapped them for the night. I pull at the fasteners on my parka as John points to the tea he prepared and pats the bedding beside him. I take off the last of my outside gear and sigh as I lean into him wrapping my hands around the hot cup. He asks about my walk and worries that the storm might get worse before morning. I am not concerned I tell him; we are warm in our tent, tucked into a big drift, there is enough wood close at hand and we have food for a long stay. Our footwear too is in need of repair, the storm would provide time to mend ourselves and our gear. We have been travelling this sea of white for a full moon. I am tired.

The year is 1889


I Am Divine Spirit

In God I live and move and have my being. I am part of the self-expression of God and I therefore express perfect harmony. I individualize Omniscience. I have direct knowledge of truth. I have perfect intuition. I have spiritual perception. God is my wisdom, so I cannot err. God is my intelligence, so I am always thinking rightly. There is no waste of time, for God is the only doer. My work is always done well, for my work is God’s work.

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Murder of the Mother of Man

Our Common Ancestors

Creation says that God, created man in his own image. That man came from the ground and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; man became a living soul. Creation theory believes that God created the Universe, including the Earth and all the creatures in it, in seven days (not all think this seven days is literal). The theory of creation says that creatures started out as distinct and separate organisms when God created them. These distinct creatures have the capability to adapt to their surroundings to a certain extent.

Of course, we humans basically came out of the gate running – becoming agriculturists and civilization builders from the beginning. Adam and Eve build a farm and beget Cain who begets Enoch … common ancestors.


God is a Game Show Host

The Price is Right
There was a time when God was viewed as wise and all knowing and before that even more; a Father-Mother Creator. Today he is confused and like an auctioneer at a country fair, selling himself to the highest bidder. Western governments have become so concerned with political correctness that the average person has no idea what our common ideals are or should be. We are searching for answers and selling spirituality has become big business with plenty of peddlers. Consumerism is the new religion. Spirituality is brought to you via the internet, television personalities, radio hosts, there is an unprecedented number of self help books, books containing ‘the answer’, and there are new age gurus and motivational speakers galore.


Bogie and Lily

When Does Life and Reproductine Responsibility Begin?

Pardon the rant but ....

Having studied human biology, I know that all life is combination and interaction between various atoms. For example; oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen make up 96% of our bodies chemistry. DNA directs those atoms, through biological development, into neurons, self regulating heart cells, muscle, bones, ligaments, teeth and hair, our organs, the color and texture of our skin: a human baby. Cognitive development provides for unlimited human potential, it begins in the womb and continues for our lifetime!

I do believe in choice though and allow others to search their own conscience regarding this choice, between birth control and abortion. Both readily available in Canada, . I know it is not always simple, but certainly a good percentage of 91,000 abortions in 2009 could have been prevented through the use of contraceptives.

However I also recognize that birth control pills and other alternatives such as condoms are an emerging social change; I think only 30-40 years old? Therefore, tolerance and abortion must remain as alternatives to personal responsibility as we await an education rollout regarding the options men and women have available to them.

Life begins when sperm and egg encounter and every moment from then until physical death is the miracle.


Language Matters: Political Correctness and Barbarism

Justin Trudeau, an MP for the riding of Papineau in Montreal, Canada is the immigration critic for the opposition party and he objected to the use of the word "barbaric" in Ottawa's new citizenship guide that spells out Canada's stance on honour killings and other violence against women. Mr. Trudeau wanted this replaced with "absolutely unacceptable". He has since had to retract his request and there have been many discussions and editorials expressing our righteous use of this word to describe these acts. Many voices reiterate our intolerance of these acts in Canada and condone the use of the word barbaric in this context.


Chemtrails or Contrails: What is causing these strange clouds in our skies?

1996 was the first time I noticed the strange linear clouds drifting across the Winnipeg skyline. I was driving and listening to talk radio when another listener called in and asked the host “what are the long white trails over the city”? I called too and joked it was a case for X-files. Afterward I never gave them much thought and if I noticed them I supposed them to be caused by natural phenomenon such as weather fronts and wind patterns. That was until the September long weekend in 2010.