The Izora Woods Post: Daniel Quinn new web site

The Izora Woods Post: Daniel Quinn new web site

This is the author of Ishmael, very interesting man and extremely interesting philosophy on man's place on the earth.


Your body was not made only to breath, eat, and think, but was also made to enter the Holy Stream of Life. Your ears were made not only to hear the words of men, the song of birds, and the music of the falling rain, but they were also made to hear the Holy Stream of Sound. Your eyes were made not only to see the rising sun and the setting of the sun, the ripple of the sheaves of grain, and the beauty of a picture, but they were also made to see the Holy Stream of Light. One day your body will return to the Earthly Mother, even also your ears and your eyes. But the Holy Stream of Life, the Holy Stream of Sound and the Holy Stream of Light, these were never born and can never die.

Paraphrased and rendered in contemporary language from Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4 By Izora Woods


I want to and will do my best to perfect my body which acts, my body which feels and my body which thinks


Thursday Morning Communion with the Angel of Water

From the Heavenly Sea the waters run and flow forward to the dry and barren desert that the Angel of Water might bring forth a garden and a green place, tree filled and fragrant with flowers. Cast thyself into the enfolding arms of the Angel of Water; for she will cast out from thee all that is unclean.
The Heavenly sea flows unrestrained unto the whole of the earthly world. A thousand pure springs run toward the pastures that give food to the Children of Light. The holy Angel of Water gives health and vigor to the body, a long and enduring life and the Heavenly Sea thereafter through all eternity.
Let my love flow toward thee, Heavenly Father, as the river flows to the sea. And let thy love flow to me Heavenly Father, as the gentle rain kisses the earth.


Tuesday Morning Communion with the Angel of Joy

Angel of Joy, who descends upon the earth, pouring forth beauty and delight to all the children of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father.
Go forth into the fields of flowers after a rain and give thanks to your Earthly Mother for the sweet odour of blossoms; for a flower has no other purpose that to bring joy to the hearts of the Son of Man. Listen with new ears to the song of the birds and see with new eyes the colors of the sun in its rising and its setting. All these gifts of the Earthly Mother will cause joy to well forth within you, as a spring wells forth of a sudden in a barren place. Know that no one comes before the Heavenly Father that the Angel of Joy lets not pass; for in joy was the earth created, and in joy did the Earthly mother and the heavenly Father give birth to the Son of Man.


Today is the day of my amazing food fortune!

God has not made you without a definite purpose in view. The Universe is a universe; that is, it is a unified harmony, a divine scheme. It could not happen therefore, that God could create a spiritual entity such as you are, without having a special purpose in view. Whatever that place may be, there is only one person who can fill it perfectly. But how are we to find this place in life? Is there any means whereby you may discover what it really is that God wishes you to do? The answer is divinely simple - already from time to time, God himself has whispered into your heart just that very wonderful thing, nothing less that what is called your heart's desire. The most secret wish that lies at the bottom of your heart, that is just the thing that God is wishing you to do or to be for Him. And the birth of that wish in your soul was the voice of God Himself telling you to arise and come up higher because He had need of you.
Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart (Psalm 37:4)


When you open your eyes in the morning

I enter the eternal and infinite garden of mystery
My spirit in oneness with the Heavenly Father
My body in oneness with my Earthly Mother
My heart in harmony with my Brothers, the Sons of Men
Dedicating my spirit, my body and
My heart to the pure and saving Teaching.