Tuesday Morning Communion with the Angel of Joy

Angel of Joy, who descends upon the earth, pouring forth beauty and delight to all the children of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father.
Go forth into the fields of flowers after a rain and give thanks to your Earthly Mother for the sweet odour of blossoms; for a flower has no other purpose that to bring joy to the hearts of the Son of Man. Listen with new ears to the song of the birds and see with new eyes the colors of the sun in its rising and its setting. All these gifts of the Earthly Mother will cause joy to well forth within you, as a spring wells forth of a sudden in a barren place. Know that no one comes before the Heavenly Father that the Angel of Joy lets not pass; for in joy was the earth created, and in joy did the Earthly mother and the heavenly Father give birth to the Son of Man.

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