When Does Life and Reproductine Responsibility Begin?

Pardon the rant but ....

Having studied human biology, I know that all life is combination and interaction between various atoms. For example; oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen make up 96% of our bodies chemistry. DNA directs those atoms, through biological development, into neurons, self regulating heart cells, muscle, bones, ligaments, teeth and hair, our organs, the color and texture of our skin: a human baby. Cognitive development provides for unlimited human potential, it begins in the womb and continues for our lifetime!

I do believe in choice though and allow others to search their own conscience regarding this choice, between birth control and abortion. Both readily available in Canada, . I know it is not always simple, but certainly a good percentage of 91,000 abortions in 2009 could have been prevented through the use of contraceptives.

However I also recognize that birth control pills and other alternatives such as condoms are an emerging social change; I think only 30-40 years old? Therefore, tolerance and abortion must remain as alternatives to personal responsibility as we await an education rollout regarding the options men and women have available to them.

Life begins when sperm and egg encounter and every moment from then until physical death is the miracle.

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