Sunday Morning Communion with the Angel of Earth

Angel of Earth, she who brings forth corn and grapes from the fullness of the earth, she who brings children from the loins of husband and wife. He who would till the earth, with the left arm and the right, unto him will she bring forth an abundance of fruit and grain, golden-hued plants growing up from the earth during the spring, as far as the earth extends, as far as the rivers stretch, as far as the sun rises, to impart their gifts of food unto men. This wide earth do I praise, expanded far with paths, the productive, the full-bearing, Thy Mother, Holy Plant! Yea, I praise the lands where thou dost grow sweet-scented and swiftly spreading the good growth of the Lord. He who sows corn, grass and fruit, soweth the Law and his harvest shall be bountiful, and his crop shall be ripe upon the hills as a reward for the followers of the Law. The Lord sent the Angel of Earth, Holy Messenger of the Earthly Mother to make the plants to grow, and to make fertile the womb of woman, that the earth may never be without the laughter of children. Let us worship the Lord in Her!

Angel of Earth makes fruitful my seed, and with your power give life to my body.

Even as your seed creates new life, so courses through the earth the seed of the Angel of Earth: in the grass, in the soil, in all living things that grow from the soil. Know, oh Sons of Light, that the same Angel of Earth that makes your seed into sons also makes the tiny acorn into this mighty oak, and makes the seed-bearing wheat to grow for bread for the Son of Man.

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