Wednesday Morning Communion with the Angel of Sun

Angel of Sun
She comes each morning as a bride from her chamber, to shed her golden light on the world. O thou immortal, shining, swift-steeded Angel of the Sun! There is no warmth without you, no fire without you, and no life without you. As green leaves of the trees do worship you, and through you does the tiny wheat kernel become a river of golden grass, moving with the wind. Through you is opened the flower in the center of my body. Therefore will I never hide myself from you Angel of Sun, Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother, enter the Holy Temple within me and give me the Fire of Life!
Angel of Sun, enter my body and let me bathe in the fire of life

And you will feel the rays of the rising sun enter into the center point of your body, there in the center where the angels of day and of night mingle, and the power of the sun shall be yours to direct to any part of your body, for the angels dwell therein.

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