Monday Morning Communion with the Angel of Life

God wrote the Holy Law in your heart and in your spirit. They are in your breath, your blood, your bone; in your flesh, your eyes, your ears, and in every little part of your body. They are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the Living God..

We are grateful, Heavenly Father, for the vigor of health, health of the body, bright and clear-eyed, with swiftness of foot, quick hearing of the ears, strength of the arms and eye-sight of the eagle. We are grateful for all the manifold gifts of Life.

Paraphrased and rendered in contemporary language from The Essene Gospel of peace, Book 3
By Izora Woods

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