Thursday Morning Communion with the Angel of Water

From the Heavenly Sea the waters run and flow forward to the dry and barren desert that she might bring forth a garden and a green place; tree filled and fragrant with flowers. Cast yourself into the enfolding arms of the Angel of Water, for she shall take from you all that is unclean. The gentle rain does kiss the earth and a river runs through the forest; it is the Holy Law and all creatures depend on it; it denies nothing to any being. The Law is to the world of men what the great river is to streams and brooks and the rivers of waters in a dry place are as the Brothers who bring the Holy Law to the world of men.
From the Heavenly Sea flow all the waters that spread over all the seven kingdoms, both in summer and winter. This sea purifies the seed in males, the wombs in females and the milk in mothers breasts. This sea flows unrestrained unto the big-seeded corn fields, unto the small-seeded pastures that give food to the Children of Light.

Oh Holy Angel of Water! You who give both splendor and glory and health and vigor to the body. You who give a long and enduring life to the Children of Light, and you who give the Heavenly Sea thereafter through all eternity. We worship all the holy waters which quench the thirst of the earth and all creatures therein. Let the floods clap their hands and let the hills be joyful together. We are thankful to you, and we bless your name Angel of Water. A flood of love welleth up from the hidden places on the earth. I am blessed in the Holy Water of Life.

Paraphrased and rendered in contemporary language from The Essene Gospel of Peace By Izora Woods

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