Who Am I

Honored by the Gods

All of our clan names mean Children of Light we who are Earths Guardians

I remember the smell of primordial soup, swimming in chlorophyll green
Leaving the water behind and the gift of light and sound,
The shedding of skins, the taste of hair and how it felt to shape shift and try on many suits
We co-join with Father Mother God in creation.

I lived for millennium with Enoch; at home in the great Trees
Mother provides every need and we are surrounded by faces alight with contemplation,
intelligence, illuminated reflections of earths bounty
Spring follows our footsteps we walk free with our beastly brothers

Atlantis is home and Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother is God
Our power is from the reflected and buried sun; we travel time and space
Taylor our last …Queen Salustra remembers it as;
More vivid than my present reality, more poignant, more agonizing and more joyful

I lived as hunter gatherer I see the fires reflection dancing with the paintings on the wall,
My head resting on a fur wrapped lap, beloved faces glowing in the warmth
I am secure in this world; I return many times
I trust my clan and my spirit 500,000 years ago

I have seen herds of woolly mammoth on the western horizon
Heard the earth's crust tremble when thousands of musk ox
Hasten across the barren landscape out-distancing a storm
Slept at water's edge to the cackle of hyena and the lions roar

Dragons fly, ogres love the mud and our boys all grow to men
Troy's giants live with us now and Helen still weeps for Paris
I remember Noah's ark and the magic that was drowned
Mothers' cries denied with the dehorning of loved Unicorn

Then I came East as witness to the laying of the desert giants, the
Mystery of the desert night and the mapping of the sky
Mother is now called Isis and the Sun and Moon are Gods
I am surrounded by scholars, scrolls and paneled curtains sway in the breeze

I return again as desert nomad, then as Mongol we walk across an ocean
To great expanses of snow, huge herds of beasts mountains of ice flow by
Animal totems are my God and I am called upon to lead
We follow Brother Bear into the north. My people live there still

I am alive; I walk in the River of Babylonia
I am there at the time of Christ and am near at the crucifixion
Many will forget so we write down his words and they go in all directions
He is Holy Ghost, he is Son of Man, he is Child of Light and he is Heavens' Beloved

I do not like the dark ages when great sorrow and darkness descend
As man becomes corrupt; he cannibalizes Mother and her Angels, kills everything he fears
He moves to the city and begins to leave family behind, hot fires pouring iron
All work to buy food and the church works with kings to enslave

There was land with rolling hills, near castles with keeps and knights on horseback
I can breathe the fabric of my gowns; feel their weight against my legs as I
Look across an early morning field and listen for the sound of his horse
Hooves falling softly on the still darkened road

I remember a drowning at sea and a fall down wide marble stairs
A grievous wound to my neck and a burning, there was a suicide
Tortured and confined I remember they came and took that life away
My best death a peaceful walk into the white to lie with snow angels; drift away

Who am I? I am a Child of Light the rightful heir to the Kingdoms of God
I am Wise Woman, philosopher, Apostle, witness, scribe, prostitute and murderer
A healer, warrior, the life of nun; a convent with silent prayers
I have been man and woman, elf and even a beast or two

I am a prodder of thought and the sculptor of a galaxy, I have even dreamt a world
I remember my past to remember my future from everlasting to everlasting

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